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Sinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd. (Chengdu) Carried Out the Speech Contest of “Promote the May 4th Spirit and Realize the Chinese Dream”

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In order to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the “May 4th” movement and celebrate the 95th anniversary of the group building, guide and inspire the league members to inherit and carry forward the “May 4th” spirit, the general party branch of Cinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd. (Chengdu) organized the speech contest of “Promote the May 4th Spirit and Make Chinese Dream Come True” hosted by Jiang Peipei, the league member representative and technology department engineer, which was supported by the leadership group, so as to highlight the company's emphasis on growth of young employees.

12 contestants made full preparation to give prominence to the subject, and gave impassioned or soulful deep speeches, fully demonstrating the youth uplifting spirituality, and sincerely expressing their spirit and belief on “May 4th” spirit. The activity lasted for 2 hours, and finally first, second and third prizes and several general prizes were awarded.

During the speech contest, the Youth League general branch also led members to study the telecast CEO-WO: Hidden Champions participated by Song Zhiping, the chairman of China National Building Material, encouraged youth to study connotation and spirit of the hidden champions in the company and to inherit the originality spirit, and also encouraged the company to act as a hidden champion and to develop into a leader in the industry.


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