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Sinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd. (Chengdu) Carried Out "Commemorate Arbor Day and Dress Up Plant Area" Activity

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In order to further beautify the environment in plant area, the Compay (Chengdu) party and government administration labor body organized "Commemorate Arbor Day and Dress Up Plant Area" activity jointly as response to proposal of party organization of Cinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd. (Chengdu).

The company held a short mobilization ceremony in plant at 9:00 am on March 16. Kong Jianjun, the general party branch secretary, vice-general manager gave a mobilization speech. Kong said that a forest will be seen in the future if a sapling is planted today. All-people voluntary tree planting activity is very meaningful, which can raise the awareness of good environment and environmental protection, so as to build the working environment into a garden plant by planting trees by everyone in every year. Subsequently, Zhang Bingjie, the vice-president described steps and precautions of planting trees to participants. Zhang Yuanzheng, the general manager announced the beginning of the activity. During the activity, everyone strove for first to weed, loose soil, dig pits and water without compromise to hardship and fatigue, and finally 38 osmanthus trees were planted and posted with signboards.

The activity further strengthened the love of forest and afforestation, enhanced the new life concept of “Green and environmental protection”, and aroused the enthusiasm to positively fulfill social responsibilities and devote themselves to public welfare.

Party organization of the Company (Chengdu) always attaches great importance to the cultivation of employees' social responsibility, and actively advocates the concept of "Building a beautiful home with bluer sky, greener land and cleaner water”. Senior management and staff representatives from all departments, as well as other 36 employees of the company participated the activity. Similar activities are expected in the future.


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